What We Do

Encourage communication about race relations and the impact of ethnicity on relationships

Educate participants about perspectives held by others related to race relations

Empower citizens to develop relationships with people from a variety of racial/ethnic groups.

Researched and tested curriculums

America’s Dinner Table uses the “facilitated dinner table conversation” concept to encourage cross cultural/racial communication that minimizes non-productive debate and division while maximizing understanding and communication.

We cover a range of topics, from a racial healing perspective: Education, Economics, Health, Religion, Environment, Criminal Justice, the Arts, and a host of other issues that keep our communities from reaching their full potential as an equitable and inclusive society.

Experienced and Trained Facilitators

America’s Dinner Table has a team of 70+ trained facilitators, many of whom are professional coaches and trainers who receive annual training by America’s Dinner Table. Facilitators aim to guide particpants along the path to a greater knowledge, understanding, and empathy about the lived experiences of those of a different race.


In 2020, America’s Dinner Table was introduced to include virtual events within expanded geographies, as well as a new facilitator training program for the delivery of events throughout America’s Dinner Table expansion partnership communities.

Year-round Private Dinner Tables and Community Dinner Tables are provided for sponsoring organizations and community groups. Partnership Dinner Tables, individuals can be certified by America’s Dinner Table partners to facilitate the Dinner Table Experience within their organization.

Internal facilitators of the partner organizations are certified by America’s Dinner Table trainers, either virtually or in person. Certified Internal Facilitators (CIF) implement ADT Dinner Tables for organization events and ADT provides curriculum, program consulting, and annual facilitator recertification.

Community and Private Dinner Tables

Companies, churches, private schools, and other organizations host Dinner Table events for their internal constituencies or communities. ADT prepares materials based on the needs and diversity initiatives of each organization ADT works with internal organizers and professionals to design an experience that increases productivity and effectiveness virtually or in person.

We continue to provide the Dinner Table Experience via virtual dinner tables among both public and private organizations and communities. These Private Dinner Table programs have continued alongside facilitator training for Partnership Dinner Tables.

In addition to our programs ADT offers facilitator certification for individuals interested in offering ADT curricula within their community. Facilitators will receive: Training by a licensed ADT professional coach and trainer on how to facilitate a Dinner Table Event and 1-year ADT Facilitator Certification. Annual Recertification is required.


Innovative Table Assignments

We work hard to ensure conversational diversity and perspectives to provide the most optimal opportunity for our attendees to have authentic and honest dialogue in a safe judgement-free space where everyone is welcomed.